Lets Get Real

Can “I” make a math joke… I feel I need to put something real in here instead of the mad ramblings most of the last posts have been.

I have been trying to stay away from depressing music but after discovering Witch House this has proven to be impossible. I thought I would include a link for anyone who is thinking WTF is Witch House. I think someone said in the comments “Who’s soul did you have to sacrifice to a demon for this track to be made”.

On that note I have officially given up music. Why?… I guess I just ran out of souls to give… more seriously… its complicated.  I would put a sad face in here because I feel sad, but this is not a time for being sad its a time for growth and evolution.

It was hard because it was such a big part of my life. Everyone around me growing up had no idea what they wanted to do… Just a direction they wanted to go in. I though knew… with every part of myself I wanted to be a producer. I would get so exited just to find any time I could to put into a track. What’s ironic is losing that passion I held for 9 years as soon as I take a year out to work on music.  But then that’s life.

I kind of felt like part of me died for a bit. I had to do that thing where you tell yourself you will move on and this is just the way things are, even though if I could I would give so much to change it.

So now I’m kind of lost with about 7 months untill the start of my degree. I have a plan though kind of…. haha I always have a plan. When I get a little closer to enrolment I will get ahead on some reading. Brush up on my calculus.

So times are weird and don’t really know who I am now. I guess I’m finding out who this new me will be. Me the Computer Engineering student is probably likely. Me the Network Security buff… Hopefully.

Right now I just need to fill my time. Get a hobby some would say… but I’m still a little heart broken for that right now.

You know when I was 16 I would dream about sitting around all day doing nothing. Now I do that I absolutely hate it. I have discovered the depths of my laziness and I don’t like it. Lazy me likes to sit with plates around himself even though all he has done all day is get up to make himself food.

WOW crazy moment. I was thinking after reading this back… If this was a part from the book series of my life. This post wouldn’t mark the end of a chapter, it would be the end of a book.


Lets Get Real

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