You wont find demons in that dark scary place, in the wood or under the bed. The truth is… they are in our schools teaching our kids… in our care hospitals praying on the weak… and in our political institutions eroding everything they touch.

They walk in daylight with polite smiles on their face. They tell us being greedy and selfish will help us fit in. They don’t lock us in prisons, they convince us to lock the doors to our own jail cells.

If it is only natural for a human to be greedy and hate-full then I must be more than human… post-human. But maybe, just maybe I am only human, and I hope for us all I am.


Until we decide, remeber, a demon is nothing more than a young teenager rebelling against their father and… at some point our father will come home.



One thought on “Demons

  1. Hi whitetekk, How are you?

    I like and agree with your first two paragraphs except that I do not think that they they tell us being greedy and selfish will help us fit in. On the contrary I think that these demons tell us to be self sacrificing and put others before ourselves. Look at the teachings of all the political, religious and social leaders of society, past or present and look what they have made of society.

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