Would they be so different?

So I was just thinking. If we found an alien civilization would they be so different to us? If they had the same level of technology as us probably not.

First I though well you would probably find square buildings right..  we build square buildings because it make make a lot of sense to do that. They are not just going build strange shaped buildings like you see in the moves just because they look cool. They would have to be some kind of logical shape.

They would probably use a bunch of the same materials we do as well. After all we use them because they where easy to invent and easy to make. So it likely they have made a bunch of the same discoverys as us. After all they are on a alien plant not in an alien universe. Chemistry and physics would still be the same.

They would also be social and live in groups. You don’t get very far unless you share information and resources. Thinning about that they would also have to have some kind of schools. I don’t you would expect every person on the planet to discover and teach everything to themselves. You just wouldn’t get anywhere.

Hospitals, Doctors and Police are all also very likely. Some kind of book like object would have to exist. Maybe even a kind of internet.

Probably so very far away there is a alien guy thinking about adding new post to his on-line journal.

Would they be so different?

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