Emotion can’t Stop

Music….I just need to taste another emotional concept.

If music was considered a drug I would have a serious problem. It might be years of emotional training learning to produce electronic music. I only feel complete when I’m working on music. Having a idea in the back of my mind. As it forms from one spark of inspiration into a complete concept. To then be turned into a reality as I sit at my computer.

I feel like the god of sound. I have been working on this track since I got up. it’s 4am now and I just need to open it up again. To taste what I made and fix that one problem.

Listing to music is different to me. I know I can hear things others can’t. I get the normal emotional high most people get when they listen to music. I also though get another level. As I appropriate the musical concepts. Trying to reverse engineering some of the production. Pulling out tools in my mind trying to work out how that one sound or effect was created.

I burn through music too fast these days. I can find music as fast as I can play it to death. I feel like a vampire trying to absorb all the musical ideas I can.

The pleasure that comes from success in the music is unreal. The feeling of putting your name on a contract feels like stepping onto a different plain of existence. Like suddenly you’re flying… forever…. Until it fades and I’m left looking for the next come-up. None of this life is another for me now… I need to get the next trophy.

Until next time I will hold on to what I have already won.

Emotion can’t Stop