The Puzzle of Life

I like to think of people and the way they work as puzzles. We go trough life picking up different pieces and try to get them to fit with the rest of our picture. Sometimes we don’t get it quite right. Mashing pieces together in a way they are not suppose to fit.  As time goes on though we slowly complete more of the puzzle.

Then two people meet. You might look at the other person and believe they are stupid or horrible because they don’t have some of the puzzle pieces you feel are most important. From the other side they are looking at you in the same way. They also have pieces they feel are important that you don’t have.

We all know of this relationship starts. You clash on every point and don’t get along. What’s interesting though is how this relationship ends. As time goes on you see the pieces you are missing in the other person. You might not understand them at first and they sit waiting to be added to you puzzle or be discarded.

Then life happens as it tends to and you see the importance of the new pieces. Suddenly you have completed another section of the puzzle.

The most interesting thing about this process is how you add importance to these new sections.

Your new friend might have a section that’s picture shows you should never share too much of what you have. This might be because this person was taken advantage once so this became a important part of their personality.

On the other hand you might organise the pieces differently as you place them. That you should still share what you have but be on the look out for people who will take advantage of that. This might be because you where once in a position where you needed someone to share with you but know-body did because there was no trust.

Both of you have made different but completely logical decisions. From the position you are both at not one of you can be said to be smarter than the other. Now together if you have to share out sweets you will do a much better job. Complimenting each-other in every-way you clash.

I love this tool for thinking about people. It’s also fun to think about the puzzle itself. The puzzle is best thought of as every possible experience. It would be impossible to have every piece and the pieces you do have affect the way you see the other pieces. Giving everyone a different personality.

A picture of a animal graveyard is a sad image untill you place it next to a picture of Seeing Eye Dog Training Centre.

What excites me is what picture I will have in the end. The moment of my death becoming the moment I can see the most of the picture to try and understand it.

The Puzzle of Life


He said “you seem pleased with yourself all the time”. I really don’t think it was supposed to be a compliment.

“In fact… I’m pleased with being pleased with myself. Like a never ending loop of pretentious happiness.” I said.

He just laughed. I could though see in his eyes that in that moment he wanted nothing more in this world than to take my happiness from me.

If only he could see the world as I do. Because I’m sick of seeing the world trough the eyes of people like this.



I was so into ideas. I just wanted to contemplate on new ideas just to see the beauty in them. Every new day and situation was just another note in the symphony of life. To wonder in seeing a hidden contradiction or an obvious compliment.

I never thought It would be as dangerous as this just open your mind to new ideas. My favorite thing in the world was perspective. To see the world from another person point of view. Unfortunately you also see the negatives in life. Even if something negative can be butifull you can’t unsee the world from that point of view. You become forever changed by it. Forever a million ideas in the back of my mind telling me the world is…

I feel I can’t find a word to end that sentence.

So im forced now to deal with these new ideas. Forced my my own need to see more in the world. Now I feel in a way that I don’t want to see anything anymore. Curiosity killed me because this is too cheesy of a sentence.

So the question I’m left with is where do I go from here? As much as I love to see the world in new ways I would be better off in one way to close my mine. Like the happy fool who sits on the hill.

But now I want to say that there can be solutions in indecision. The problem is that it was my open mind that learn that.