The Programing Experiment

The experiment is the write randomness so I can look at what i’m really trying to say and improve it. I might do this with a few different subjects. I want to be able to write in a way that no matter what im talking about anyone could still understand the point to what I’m saying.

Programming is more than a skill it’s a lifestyle! Its easy for me to write languages like C because they are… well easy. The freedom they give you is beautiful or maybe even simple! Maybe I can try and demonstrate this here.

You can start with the simple ideas like loops. Obviously you might want to do something over and over. On the other side you might be looking for a way to break a loop. For the loop to end in the right place at the right time in the right way. In C all of the is as simple as the words I just used!

Your mind has to change a little first before you can get your head around it. That’s why it’s good to practice. Like I am trying to at the moment. Even with practice you might find yourself stuck with a program like I am right now. What I want to do seems to be more than my ability. Like not knowing how to say what you have in your mind!

I think I have it now. There is the artistic aspects to it. knowing there a million ways to do one thing but using a particular set of commands because you know it will not only work well but work with something else you might want to do later. LIke a particular set of words that now hold so much power. There so much math to the skill as well. I have always liked math because of the endless logic. If the math isn’t working you can always write new math. Its all personal evolution in the end! Writing stuff like this in your own mind all day does make you feel like a bit if a robot. All the “If this, do that, untill this”

I say this in a way as a beginner. I have only wrote programs for myself due to the simple limitation that I dont have the ability to write for other people. AT this point in my evolution I feel like I just want to look into someone else’s mind to know how they do it. That must be natural given my situation. From my limited perspective my programs have become more and more complex until a new change happens.  I just seem to think in the right way that I dont even know i’m still writing a program anymore. I just happens now. I guess to say it very basically if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Or more complexly. That brings up another point. Is it possible to get so complex that my code works agenst me. That my ideas of trying to do too much at the same time makes my code unreadable.

At the end of the day I guess what im saying is I get a kick out of watching my program run efficiently and as successfully as possible. This is what I mean by lifestyle. Once you start you wont be able to stop for that is the nature of the idea itself!

The Programing Experiment

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