You need a little back story for this one about how brains work. So back when we were less evolved Frog-Squirrels or something. Our brains learned to enjoy things our body’s needed and told us to get more of it. Obviously right?! So if we found some good sweet fruit packed full of energy our brains would enjoy it and then send us back for more of it later.

Anyway this is mechanism is now inbuilt into the way we work as humans. Every time you do something you enjoy the connections in your brain telling you to do more of that thing get stronger. This is how mental addiction works and how people get addicted to the internet, pornograpy and obiously drugs. Drugs are a good way to put this next bit. You can think of your brain as a drug addict constantly seeking another dopamine release. If you have ever felt bored then you know what this feels like.

So at first I had all the normal thoughts about this like.. “the more I do the things I don’t want to do less, the more I will want to do those things”.

So heres the bit I would love to try out but I’m not sure if I have enough self control. I want to know what would happen if I removed every source of dopamine release form my life. Then only leave the one thing I wish to do better as the only place by brain can find the ever so sweet chemical successes reaction.

What I would like to do is… Remove Sugar, Coffee and basically any food that doesn’t taste completely unenjoyable. Then the entertainment aspects like TV, my phone, books and the one I fear losing most…. the internet. Lastly the social aspects, like seeing friends. Basically my life would be rubbish.

This would leave the kick I get from getting good grades and learning as the only place my brain can get a dopamine release.

What’s funny is what I just saw writing this. I worked this out with science and deep thought to only realise… Obviously If I put myself in a room with nothing to do but study and get my work done I’m going to do it. LOL. When you say it like that it does make me look a little stupid.

Side note… I get a new hat today, Not sure if I like it. Makes me look a bit like a 17 year old girl and I’m supposed to be a guy. I keep thinking maybe there will be a time to wear it. Then I keep thinking… Like when to pick up a 17 year old boy?. Then I like the idea of starting a hat collection. Yes I like the idea of a large collection of hats just for no reason at all. Sometimes stupid can be fun!

Reductionism! my every so smart friend would say!


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