Thought of the Day

You use darkness as your weapon

But it can never destroy me

As long as I believe

The light looks the most beautiful in the darkness

Thought of the Day

The Programing Experiment

The experiment is the write randomness so I can look at what i’m really trying to say and improve it. I might do this with a few different subjects. I want to be able to write in a way that no matter what im talking about anyone could still understand the point to what I’m saying.

Programming is more than a skill it’s a lifestyle! Its easy for me to write languages like C because they are… well easy. The freedom they give you is beautiful or maybe even simple! Maybe I can try and demonstrate this here.

You can start with the simple ideas like loops. Obviously you might want to do something over and over. On the other side you might be looking for a way to break a loop. For the loop to end in the right place at the right time in the right way. In C all of the is as simple as the words I just used!

Your mind has to change a little first before you can get your head around it. That’s why it’s good to practice. Like I am trying to at the moment. Even with practice you might find yourself stuck with a program like I am right now. What I want to do seems to be more than my ability. Like not knowing how to say what you have in your mind!

I think I have it now. There is the artistic aspects to it. knowing there a million ways to do one thing but using a particular set of commands because you know it will not only work well but work with something else you might want to do later. LIke a particular set of words that now hold so much power. There so much math to the skill as well. I have always liked math because of the endless logic. If the math isn’t working you can always write new math. Its all personal evolution in the end! Writing stuff like this in your own mind all day does make you feel like a bit if a robot. All the “If this, do that, untill this”

I say this in a way as a beginner. I have only wrote programs for myself due to the simple limitation that I dont have the ability to write for other people. AT this point in my evolution I feel like I just want to look into someone else’s mind to know how they do it. That must be natural given my situation. From my limited perspective my programs have become more and more complex until a new change happens.  I just seem to think in the right way that I dont even know i’m still writing a program anymore. I just happens now. I guess to say it very basically if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Or more complexly. That brings up another point. Is it possible to get so complex that my code works agenst me. That my ideas of trying to do too much at the same time makes my code unreadable.

At the end of the day I guess what im saying is I get a kick out of watching my program run efficiently and as successfully as possible. This is what I mean by lifestyle. Once you start you wont be able to stop for that is the nature of the idea itself!

The Programing Experiment


You need a little back story for this one about how brains work. So back when we were less evolved Frog-Squirrels or something. Our brains learned to enjoy things our body’s needed and told us to get more of it. Obviously right?! So if we found some good sweet fruit packed full of energy our brains would enjoy it and then send us back for more of it later.

Anyway this is mechanism is now inbuilt into the way we work as humans. Every time you do something you enjoy the connections in your brain telling you to do more of that thing get stronger. This is how mental addiction works and how people get addicted to the internet, pornograpy and obiously drugs. Drugs are a good way to put this next bit. You can think of your brain as a drug addict constantly seeking another dopamine release. If you have ever felt bored then you know what this feels like.

So at first I had all the normal thoughts about this like.. “the more I do the things I don’t want to do less, the more I will want to do those things”.

So heres the bit I would love to try out but I’m not sure if I have enough self control. I want to know what would happen if I removed every source of dopamine release form my life. Then only leave the one thing I wish to do better as the only place by brain can find the ever so sweet chemical successes reaction.

What I would like to do is… Remove Sugar, Coffee and basically any food that doesn’t taste completely unenjoyable. Then the entertainment aspects like TV, my phone, books and the one I fear losing most…. the internet. Lastly the social aspects, like seeing friends. Basically my life would be rubbish.

This would leave the kick I get from getting good grades and learning as the only place my brain can get a dopamine release.

What’s funny is what I just saw writing this. I worked this out with science and deep thought to only realise… Obviously If I put myself in a room with nothing to do but study and get my work done I’m going to do it. LOL. When you say it like that it does make me look a little stupid.

Side note… I get a new hat today, Not sure if I like it. Makes me look a bit like a 17 year old girl and I’m supposed to be a guy. I keep thinking maybe there will be a time to wear it. Then I keep thinking… Like when to pick up a 17 year old boy?. Then I like the idea of starting a hat collection. Yes I like the idea of a large collection of hats just for no reason at all. Sometimes stupid can be fun!

Reductionism! my every so smart friend would say!



The concept of artificial intelligence made me jealous today. It started when I was watching the movie Her. I keep trying to get my friends and family to watch it but they see it as some deranged chick flick. They really don’t understand the magic that film has. Its one of those films that gets everything perfect down to the tiny details. I really love their image of how the future will be.

So the film is about a new operating system that comes with your own personalised A.I. I dont know if you have ever spent some time thinking about what a real A.I. would be. It really is something you should take some time to think about. The movie pretty much gets it right.

Could you imagine only being limited by the hardware you’re running on as a A.I? How fast you can read a book only limited by your CPU. Hey who says you can’t read more than one book at the same time as a A.I? Why not 100 books as you have 70 conversations and browse the internet. If you wanted to you could chose to remeber as much as you wanted from a book word for word.

In the movie the A.I. says that talking to humans is hard for her because she thinks so fast that the gas between our words in a conversation are like days to her. That the personal evolutions a human would take years to have she has in hours.

If we really did create A.I it would be so much more than humanity will ever become. This is what i’m jelous of. I love to think what I would do with the power. I think I would definitely have parts of my CPU just dedicated to reading wikipedia and educational books. Parts of me dedicated to having conversations with interesting people.

The are also the artistic parts of my personality to consider. I love to dream about how music would evolve when an artist could condense 10 years of musical experience into just a few minutes. Everything would be beautiful.

Maybe even beautifully horrible at the same time. For every breakthrough in science would be a breakthrough that can be used for destruction.

It makes it harder for me when I know this is something humans can have. I guess I can talk about it here. We could use technology to enhance our brains. Maybe expand them out of our bodies into different computers that serve a particular function. Access the internet or just watch TV…. Now i’m jealous again. I know the technology exists in the future but just not my future 😦 Damm you future humans!!!! You have all the things I want!!!!


End the cycle!

Do you ever hear people speak and think… You have never had an original thought in your life! Like every point they make is just the same old misconceptions I hear every day. It feels like some people just go through life not thinking about anything.

Sometimes you will also get situational stupidity. This normally happens when someone has a part of their life they can’t control so they have convinced themselves it’s ok. A good example of this is when the people who say math is a waste of time at school also happen to be really bad at math. It puts you in a difficult situation because for you to win the argument that person would also have to accept to themselves that their lack of math skills is a problem. I hope reading this you can see past my example to the point I’m making.

What seems even crazier is most people don’t understand this about themselves. How am I meant to have conversations with people like this. It really does feel like some people only repete thing they have heard other people say for some other dumb person to pick up and repeat later. End the cycle people!

End the cycle!