Other People

I’m getting kind of tired of other people’s inability to deal with life hurting me. I had normal day until for some crazy reason someone thinks its important to have something completely ridiculous. Like having the last word in a argument. They don’t care if they are right or wrong but they do care about being the loudest person and getting the last word in.

A more general way to describe it would be when someone can’t deal with what going on around them or they want something so they lash out and make stupid decisions. Then I get hurt. I dont like when I’m forced to be a horrible person just to stop someone doing it to me.

I have problems with things like this. You see I care about personal evolution and other people. I don’t mind even being wrong to begin with if in the end I can know the truth and gain something from it. What annoys me is I feel like my life would be easier if I dropped some of my morals.

I feel like a lot of people in my life are emotional children. I know it sounds elitist of me. I get told i’m self righteous sometimes. I think though that I only seems that way in comparisons. They try to act like normal caring people but I have seen most of them only look after themselves on many occasions. When did trying to be righteous become a bad thing anway? What kind of backward logic is that.

What annoys me is it makes me think that there is something wrong with the way I act and I just can’t see it. I could get all psychology 101 about it and say… their inability to find goodness in themselves makes it hard to deal with finding it in me. Like im a reminder of their own internal horror. You know I even hide my good intentions now sometimes because people don’t know how to deal with it.

I have to remind myself today it doesn’t matter how much the world tells me I am nothing but an animal because I don’t have to act like a animal. It not ok just because everyone around you does it. I am in control of my actions and I will continue to grow as a person. I will be calm and collected and my emotions will not get the better of me. Tomorrow I will be a better than I am today!

I  have always known that different people have different intentions in life. I know it sounds elitist of me again but now I’m starting to feel like people are too stupid to act any better.

Just a fun thought….Thinking about it I have a problem with the word elitis being used like that because some people are better than others. I know everyone is good at something but I have meet people in my life that just seem to be good at anything they try and do.

Other People

Why Believe?

I don’t normally like to talk about my faith. You would rarely find religious posts on my Facebook Wall. Mostly because I think it’s rude to force my ideas on other people. I don’t enjoy posts that try to disprove my religion just as much as a atheist wouldn’t enjoy posts that try to disprove atheism.

I wanted to share this idea though because most of the time when I am being asked question about why I believe in Jesus by Atheists it normally helps them understand.

Most Atheists lose a little confidence once they have had a conversation with me about religion. This is because unlike most of the Christians I have meet I grew up in a Atheists family. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I became a christian. This give me a little bit of a different understanding because most of the points a Atheist will make I held as my own opinion at one point.

I wanted to share a little side story of irony. I had a group of close friends from school. One of my friends live next door to a kid who he grew up with who was 2 years younger than called Tom. He would hang around with us a lot. We would often have conversation about how stupid religious people where and I would normally be at the center of it. I didn’t notice until we were a little older but because Tom was a few years younger we had a big affect on his mind. Obviously my elitist atheist friends took it a little hard when I told them I started going to church. Imagine my shock when difficult questions I once shared in front of Tom were now being repeated to me out of his mouth. The irony wasn’t lost on me when it happened.

Anyway so back to my point. When people ask me why I believe in God even know there is “X” reasons to prove he doesn’t exist, I tell them…

If you remove the idea of heaven, God, Jesus and the bible you are left with Jesus’s teachings. There is not one thing that Jesus said that I don’t believe in. Even if he wasn’t the son of God I still want to follow what he taught and live my life in the way he said people should. Even if you gave me undeniable proof that God was not real I would still follow what he taught.

This normally helps people understand why I’m a Christian. Trying to convince an Atheist that God is real is an impossible task. If tough you can give them a proper understand of why you believe in God you might be able to get them to respect your decision.

I just want to add something for any Atheists reading this. Debates on the internet like the Bill Nye – Ken Ham Debate are giving Christians a bad name. Ken Ham has very little knowledge of science and whoever decided that he should represent Christianity was clearly an idiot. I want you to know that there are a lot of christians with a education and logical reasons for believing in God. A conversation with us would be very different. Even Einstein was a God fearing man.

Why Believe?