Existence Can’t Be Nonexistence

Sometimes I have noticed in other people and even myself something strange. When you are given the same moral choice but in two very similar situation they won’t make the same decision. Let me show you.

Lets say aliens come to earth and they want to give humans a gift of new transport technology. This new technology will make traveling 30 times faster, but there is a catch…

In exchange for the technology they would like 1,000,000 human a year that will be killed for some unknown reason. Maybe the aliens want to use their brains to power a time machine. It doesn’t really matter for the story. Would you say YES or NO?

If you said NO and drive a car you have contradicted yourself. See we need cars to travel around 30 times faster than we can walk. But there was 1.2 million car related deaths last year. A lot of those death will be unavoidable because humans make mistakes. yes we could try to improved the system by this is this system you are agreeing to drive a car in now. Having fun yet?

OK so lets say that life on earth can’t work without cars and it would be really hard to change that. So we can say that because cars are important the deaths are a small price to pay.

If you agree with that last statement and are anti vaccine you have contradicted yourself worse than the first time. See vaccines prevent often horrible life threatening diseases unlike the car that just provides transportation. Even if we hold the non medical supported opinion that vaccines cause problems like autism these people are still not dyeing. Even if they were dying it’s a small price to pay right?

OK I have one more. Burglary or stealing items from someones home is a bad crime but as far as I know it doesn’t hold the death penalty. Yet in some countries and states if someone is in your house without your permission you can get away with killing them.

I noticed this when I was talking to my step dad. He’s kind of smart guy but he too passionate and close minded so even when he is wrong there is no way to change his mind. We were watching TV and there were some aggressive gangster like young people complaining that they were always getting stopped and searched by the police. I mentioned this in another post.

I said the my step dad that they can’t complain when they are clearly trying to make a statement about who they are with they way they dress and act. Then I said that if I was a police officer I would stop and them as well. My step dad’s face turned red. He went a little crazy at that and said that people should be able to dress the way they want. I agreed but said that you can dress how you like but people will judge you for it. My step dad again got annoyed at me and basically said I was being an ass. So I asked him, in a really cute but condescending way, why he wears a shirt and tie to work…. He just went quiet and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day.

If I had just made that point before we started to argue he probably would have agreed with me. Ha people are crazy but I guess so am I.

Existence Can’t Be Nonexistence

Shameless Promotion *GhostsInTheMusic*

I am but a humble beggar.. 🙂 So the servers have finally caught up with my new site.

GhostsInTheMusic is a blog dedicated to bring you music you probably have never heard but will blow your mind. For my first review I brought something really special for you guys. I will be doing a small review on every track and list similar influences and artists.

I may be a beginner in the world of writing but trust me I am a hardened veteran in the world of music.

Also if anyone could tell me how to different avatars on different sites but still on the same account I would really appreciate it.

Shameless Promotion *GhostsInTheMusic*

I’m Addicted To Wordpress Already!

It just started as as a online journal I could post my my thoughts in because I thought it would be cool. Now I have just launched my second sitte. I would shamelessly promote it here but it seems that all the wordpress servers haven’t caught up with me yet.

I’m not much of a writer or reader but I have to say my writing has improved since I started this. I still not at the level as some of the serious writers in my feed but using wordpress has made me think about writing as something creative instead of a job I have to complete.

I thought I would just make one or two posts and then forget about it but I just made it to post 20. I never realized writing can be such a release and I guess thats what makes it so addictive. Instead of ideas swimming round and round in my head I can make a post and then I don’t feel the need to think about it again.

There is also the freedom of being able to say what I want. None of my friends or family know about this blog so that is no one to watch what I say for. Then when someone does comment and agree with me it worth so much more because they are agreeing with pure unfiltered me. Or at least me at the time of writing it.

Anyway lookout shameless promotion of my new page soon.

I’m Addicted To Wordpress Already!

Enter The Hacker!

I thought I would make a post about my entrance into the world of Hacking. I have always had a bit of a school boy crush on the skill since I was young. I guess a lot of people do. Mass amounts of power coming from raw intellect is just my style. Just like how I imagine most people see hacking I though you have to be smart and learn a bunch of hard computer stuff. This takes time and a lot of motivation.

Since I went back to school to study engineering things changed for me a little. To complete my college work I regularly learn large amounts of information about difficult subjects. This created a problem for me. Every time the subject of hacking enter my world through a move or the internet I was so much more attracted to it. This is because I knew I now had the capability to learn the craft. I mean sometimes I stay up for 48 hours and just binge on educational Youtube videos for kicks. Still though I managed to stop myself from opening a new google tab and punch in the key word hacking. Mainly because I have christian values. Iwas starting the feel like I was being chased down by the idea. Like God, the universe or whatever you want to call it was trying to get me to walk down this path.

Then a one small piece of information changed everything… well two words… Penetration Testing(Pen Testing).

A Pen tester is like a ethical hacker. Say you own a bank. You don’t really want a hacker to steal a bunch of money. So what you do is hire a Pen Tester to come in and hack your computer system with your permission. He finds all of the security holes so the bank can fix them. These guy literally get paid to hack into banks and governments!

This made hacking, or well, Pen Testing compatible. The coolest thing about it is they have to learn how to hack just like real hackers to do their job. So I gave into temptation and started to try and learn to Pen Test. Another cool thing about it is they can’t find many people with the skills to do this job so there is a well paid future in it. I mean a lot of these guy are ex-hackers that have been arrested for it because they are that desperate to find people with the skill.

So like a kid on his first day of school I went out completely lost but eager the lean. I was lost at first not knowing where to start. This first scary thing I noticed was the term “Script Kid”. When a experience hacker find a vulnerability normally they will write a little program to automate it. Then because most hackers are into freedom of information they will give it away on the internet for free. So a script kid is someone who doesn’t really have that much technical knowledge but instead collects these bits of software. Most of the gangs that steal credit card information are using software like this.

If you don’t think that’s scary read on! Now there is this very real bit of software, I’m not naming for obvious reasons, that can take over a mobile phone. I’m taking full control. It can take pictures, listen to your calls, see your internet traffic. So if you ordered a pizza the hacker would have your bank info. I mean you could be sat playing Flappy Birds and you would have no idea a hacker was watching the live video feed from your camera and reading your email.

Anyway back to the main story. So after a few days I kind of got my grounding and knew at least what I should be learning first. The videos on youtube from this big american hacker conference blew my mind. In this one video this guy was demonstrating exactly how the hacker group Anonymous were taking down corporate websites. Then if you can believe it he said “They were lucky Anonymous didn’t use this technique” the he showed us how to do that as well. LOL. and this information is just a youtube search away!

Another cool thing is the websites setup with hacking challenges. They basically have all these small little sandbox websites and each time complete a challenge and hack one you get a badge on your profile. What I like about these websites is they won’t tell you exactly how to do it. Instead they give you a few hints of subjects to read up on. This way people actually learn what they’re doing. Also you get to practice without breaking any laws.

So that brings me to where I am now. I found a video series I’m about halfway through and I’m kind of dangerous now. You know I really enjoy thinking that. It might sound ridiculous but I enjoy in some strange way that with the information I have I could do some real damage.

The way I see things now is… everyone has a large knife in their kitchen but they’re not going to stab a stranger on the street with it. Ok maybe in this example what I can do is a more like a small homemade bomb but hey… you know whats funny… I’m still nothing close some most of the guys I’m learning from. What’s nice is I still haven’t crossed the line with the information I have. Everything I have done so far has been with peoples permission let along against the law. After the things I have been searching for I am 100% on some kind of government list and I don’t know how I feel about that.

It was nice to write this because I haven’t told anyone I have been learning all this. Its better that way. I know one friend in particular who would 100% test attacks out on our college network or a coffy show if I told him how. On the brighter side most of the thing most of the things I have been learning about cross over with what I’m going to be learning when I start at university in september.

Enter The Hacker!

Police Stop and Search

I have never understood some peoples attitude to the police stop and search laws in the UK. In the UK technically a police officer can’t directly just stop and search anyone. But there are laws that can be manipulated so they can. All they have to do is say that they suspect you are committing any kind of crime.

I want to start this with people who say they are against stop and search for “x” reason. When we all know in reality they just want to be able to commit crimes and not have to worry about the police.

I was watching a TV show not so long ago and a guy who was about 21 was complaining that nearly every police officer that saw him would stop and search him. Normally you might call that harassment or abuse of police power until I give you the other factor.

This person dressed and acted exactly like a stereotypical gangster. He was one of those people where every part of the way he dresses, speaks and his body language is designed to create fear. He spoke with lots of slang and had a very aggressive tone in his voice.

This made me think. This guy clearly understood how people would perceive him for acting and dressing in that way, and, thats exactly what he is trying to do. So yeah if I was a police officer I would stop and search this guy too. Now I’m not saying that people can’t dress how they want. I am saying though that people will judge you for the way you look. If you disagree with that then try going to work at a office job in a ripped t-shirt and jogging bottoms.

Next I want to talk about so called police harassment. If a police officer asked to stop and search you and you start getting argumentative it doesn’t take a genius to know what’s going to happen next. The police will be forced to have a more aggressive attitude towards you and it will look like you have something to hide. Do you really think they are going to be deterred by you being difficult? If anything its just going to make them more determined.

I have only been stopped and searched twice in my life. Both times Both times when the police said they wanted to stop and search me I was polite and said “Sure officer, anything I can do to help.”. After I said this the police were nice, apologized for the inconvenience and we chit chatted until they were done. I asked them why I was stopped and they told me that there had been a lot of robberies on this road this week so they were stopping people walking down it late at night. Ok it wasn’t nice to be searched but the police were trying to do some good.

People also talk about invasion of privacy. Obviously why would you care unless has something to hide. The only other reason you might have for invasion of privacy is if you had an embarrassing item on you. Even saying that, if a police officer found that item it not like he is then going to start waving it in the air and embarrassing you. Even if they wanted to search you in a public place I’m sure they won’t mind moving somewhere more private if you’re not being a ass.

There is one part of the search that isn’t very nice and thats when they pat you down. Ok most people really don’t want a random stranger touching them like this. You have to remeber that it only take 20 seconds and then its done. After all I’m sure you would let a doctor touch you alot more than a pat down if it was necessary. Just remeber that the police are doing this to try solve a crime and do some good in this word.

I have heard people make the point of the police wasting their time. Really!!!??? A stop and search takes 5-10 minutes. I mean who is going to complain that you were 15 minutes late to wherever because you had to help out with a police matter on your way. So you might miss a train or a bus and that could be a big deal but I’m sure there are only a few situations where that would cause an unfixable problem.

You have to remeber that you are helping the police when they search you. Think about all the good they can do with this power and how many crimes can be stopped. Just remeber that when you’re dealing with the police show respect and everything will be fine.

Police Stop and Search