Freedom is a lie

There is the old saying that people should work for what they want in life. I’m more onboard with the idea of giving something to society to get something back. The idea sits right in my mind as I’m pleased with the image of some kind of utopian society. I was thinking today that the reality of life though is closer to slavery than this pacifier of workplace acceptance.

When I think of this idea I have the image of someone giving something to then receive some kind of luxury. Not someone working 44% of their waking life just to have something to eat. It just doesn’t seem like a fair trade. You might think that this example of life is only true for a small percentage of people. I read the other day that 1 in 6 families in the UK have a parent who will regularly go without a meal so another family member can eat.

How can this be reality. No matter how much you pay me when will I have the time to enjoy it? They say we are free to choose but when the other option is impossible is that really a choice. You have to work or be poor/homeless. I would feel better if working was about giving something to society but its not. There is only one criteria for a business to exist and unfortunately thats making money.

When I think about stuff like this I understand why people turn to crime. Imagine being a young teenager from a poor family. You see your parents work everyday and still you don’t have anything. You don’t live in a nice house, have a iPhone or maybe even shoes that fit. Then, you might see one of the known drug dealers in the area. Just a little older than you driving nice cars and wearing expensive clothes. How is a kid supposed to be expected to make that decision. Sure he might get a good job in a few years if he works hard at school but thats a few years away and drugs are easy money now. After all most of life is designed to convince you that you need ridiculous material things.

I feel like we had a revolution out of the last economic system not for freedom but the illusion of freedom. Talking about change from Capitalism still feels like some major tobo subject. They tell us that they can make it work with a few changes but its still yet to be done. Its like they keep trying to fix the problems with a phone with software updates when really they need to just design a new phone. Apparently even though when have people with PHds in economics no one on earth can design a better economic system. Yet still the other day we landed a probe on a comet.

They say they we don’t have big wars anymore because its easier and looks better to just economically destroy the other country. I guess its also easier to make people think they are free than to give them freedom.

Freedom is a lie

The Blind Can’t Be Racist

So my last post got me thinking about racism. I grew up in a very multicultural town and white people where the minority at school. Because of this I never saw racism. It was just something that I heard about on the news and in movies.

If anything it was a strange subject. I can remember once a year we would have black history week at school. This was a strange event for me. We would come to school and be told that this week was back history week and we were going to learn about the important contributions black people had made to society. As soon as these words where spoken a cloud would descend on the room and suddenly racism and slavery was in the back of everyone’s mind.

In a small way it kind of made me feel like somehow I was being punished for what white people had done in the past. As I had never encountered racism it had this effect on my young mind. After all there was no white history week or asian history week and everyone knows why we have a back history week. I can remember thinking that “Shouldn’t there just be history and if you did something important you would be included”. Thinking about it now I love the how in the government’s attempt to show they don’t discriminate they have discriminate agenst different group of people. Reverse Discrimination at its best.

I really want to attempt to get the week removed just for my own amusement. I can imagine the opening email being filled with lines like… “Are you suggesting that black peoples contributions to society are so meaningless that they need there own week just so they are included.” and… “Do you know how it feel as a non black person to see other people being lifted above others just because of the color of their skin.” I could really have fun with it.

Anyway… So I had never seen recisium untill I was 19. I had just started a job in a really nice business park on the outskirts of town. This place made the nicest parks in our town look like a ghetto. After about 2 days I noticed that there was only one black person working there. In a town that has just as many asian and black people as white people. He had the worst desk in the office, right by the door. People wouldn’t directly say anything, I mean we are not talking about kid here. It was all subtle but even I noticed in a couple of days of being there.

This all got me thinking. What other things can we apply the same logic to. I was born in a first world country so I have the right to live here. It seem a bit ridiculous. I didn’t earn the benefits that come with living here. It just a birthright. You can say it about inheritance as-well. Sure you want to give things to your family but Steve Jobs’s kids did nothing to earn the money they now have. For all i know they might be horrible people.

The Blind Can’t Be Racist

The Danger of Ideas

I’m in my mid 20s and I’m starting to feel confident in my ability to deal with life. I feel like I could probably make a good argument out of any point or idea. It doesn’t matter the idea… true, false or even if I believe in it. I could quickly construct a logical argument that probably would even have some depth to it.

Some time ago I noticed that I wouldn’t make logical decisions. Instead I would make what I felt like doing sound logical. It didn’t matter what it was I wanted to do I would find a way to make that decisions sound like it was the right one. This still scares me a little.

Ideas can be really dangerous when you take this on board. I remember watching American History X for the first time since a was about 14. The movie gives a perfect example of this. When Edward Norton starts listing the reasons of why hes racists, he presents you with facts and ideas that seem like they are completely logical. It makes you feel like you agree with what he is saying, emotionally and logically, Even know I know what he is saying is complete crap.

How much in life are we doing this. How many laws and morals are we living by that have been constructed like this. It kind of freaks me out a bit that I can’t even trust logic. What happens when the weak minded come into contact with these ideas.

I thought I would level a example here. This one is fun and with probably ruffle a few feathers. Evolution is taught in schools but it’s still a theory because there are problems with the idea. If you ask most people to tell you some of the problems with the theory most people would struggle to give you one. You might get the one generic answer of the missing link. Its because no-one even though to question it because they were taught it at school.

Taking this further. You could say that all of the fossils on earth where left by the devil to make humans rebel agenst god. The problem with this idea is it can’t be disproven. The bible says that devil wants humans to rebel. It also says that angels have the kind of power to accomplish it. What can you do with this idea other than to agree that its completely possible. Well some people with do this. The weak minded will completely reject the idea simple because “they don’t like it”. I mean c’mon people if you can’t accept a logical idea fit in with what you want to believe where will we get LOL.

I hope what I just said annoyed a few people. Give me a like if you are now trying to rip that idea apart. It probably possible… but its probably possible to fix the idea again after.

The Danger of Ideas

Is school pointless?

I was thinking today. There has been a few videos of people making a big deal about school being a wast of time. Thing got on my nerves a bit so I started to think of the most simple way to explain how its not. I come up with this.

At school you are assigned tasks and get graded on how well you complete them. At work you get paid to complete the tasks you are assigned.

Sure if you work at a shoe shop you wont need to use algebra in your job. It sounds rude but the point is still true. That kind of job is a classed as a low level menial job for the exact reason that you don’t have to use the higher levels of education.

When you consider a job like Engineering for example, things change. Engineering is notorious for being heavy on high level maths. When you also consider that there are very few items you will come into contact with today that a Engineer wasn’t involved in designing. You relies that just within that one broad subject there there are millions of people who use skills that are taught in a classroom every day.

I first thought to say that people who didn’t do so well in school cant except to themselves that they failed at something important. You could also thought say that I cant except to myself that something I did so well in wasn’t important. It probably a little of both.

If you don’t consider education the population with all the medical breakthroughs, computers, philosophy and even art, one of the most important things we are doing on this planet…. than what is?

Is school pointless?