That’s Not Socially Acceptable

Real women have curves!!! I know overweight women like these post because they help them lie to themselves about how attractive they are but please just stop. I mean gosh!….. Stop discriminating agents the naturally skinny girls lol. These post are a wast of time because honestly, and I think I can speak for every guy ever, they do not make me more attracted to fat girls.

I am not attracted to skinny girls because the media has brain wash me into it. The media uses skinny girls because that’s what men like and so what sells. If you really want to know what men are attracted too go on a porn website and look. Yes some men like fat girls and everyone has a different opinion but there is a common idea of attractiveness that spans across the whole world.

Luckily my friend common sense has something better you could be doing with your time than trying to make people believe a apple is a orange. This two part action plan was developed by me in the space of about 2 seconds and is as follows:

Part 1:    If your weight really bothers you go on a diet or join a gym and then you can be much happier in life.

Part 2:    Part 1 can be harder than it sounds so just accept that your not a perfect 10 and you will be much happier in life.

What I wrote above is harsh but at what point in life did we stop telling people the truth just because it’s not socially acceptable.

Here is another example… My sister comes home from the hairdressers with a bad hair cut. She looks in the mirror and sees that it’s a bad haircut. She then asks me and our mum what we think of her new look. Even though it looks bad my mum says that it looks fine to save her feelings. I want to say that it looks bad but know if I do my mum will shout at me after because it’s not socially acceptable. Here is the deal though… Her hair is still not too short that it can’t be re-cut and fixed and now she is walking around with bad hair until it gets cut again.

Really though girls… I’m am not the most attractive guy in the world. Sometimes it annoys me when I look in the mirror but the emotions are pointless. If a guy is still yet to work out that looks fade but personality if forever is he the guy you want to be with? If you think he is then you deserve each-other.

Anyway back to the socially acceptable. So some guys in tracksuits as they walk their pit bull with a bop and talk like gangsters are complaining that they are always getting stopped by the police. Apparently it’s not ok for me to tell them that is because of the way they are dressed and act on the street. If I do then I’m an asshole and so are the police. If this is true then try turning up for a office job in the same manner of dress. Wake up everyone is dressed in shirt and tie for a reason. The joke is, and they wont say it, but 9 times out of 10 these people know what dressing like that makes people think of you and that is exactly what they want. 

On that note I love when you see the gangster people from school trying to function in adult life. When you watch them try and work out how to solve a simple social problem at work without intimidating you or threatening you with violence. You can see it in their eyes ” I would kick your ass but I just got out of jail”.

Anyway now I have put this down I can go back to my socially acceptable life. I think I might ave a chat with the guy at the local shop about how going to Uni is a wast of money and how he is doing “Just Fine” in his minimum wage job at the age of 35. After all he wouldn’t think any less of his kids if they ended up in the same life.

That’s Not Socially Acceptable